Thursday, 24 May 2012

Bob Dylan Turned 71 Today

i understand that a lot of you don't get him
i can't type anything to change that
i've asked friends - musicians - how it makes them feel
to not get bob dylan
and it frustrates them
because all of our idols revered him
and to not dig dylan
is like not having roots

i got him early
a teenage identity and all that
no one else i hung with was on that band wagon
i went straight from kiss to dylan
i'd read about him in creem and rolling stone
before i really heard him
that's a strange way to discover a musician

his entire career has been on the road
albums done in flashes
then tours
live - he's the farthest thing from note for note
i've seen him brilliant
the ghost
ignoring the black crowd beyond the edge
pushing his band for that moment that elevates

he never talks to the crowd
not a word
but that's not true
i saw him in toronto - at the masonic temple
he came out without a guitar
and was talking up a storm
we were freaking
bob's talking to the audience
it might have been a full moon

not sure what he's doing for his birthday
probably hanging with family
i understand he owns a castle in ireland
that would be a nice place for a picnic
skipping stones across the moat
filling the cauldron's with bourbon

if you search my blog
you'll find a piece i wrote called 'my fishing trip with bob dylan'
it's the best blog i've ever written

happy birthday bob
and still on the road
that's gotta count for something

may 24, 2011
red wine and cheesecake