Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What A Week

on saturday night
in orlando
in the hard rock live
inside of universal studios
classic albums live
by pink floyd
note for note

that's historical information
i don't think the piece has ever been covered
with such an acute attention to detail before

and this is the essence of CAL
we look at the album as the document to curated
we bring the museum to you
this music will one day be artifact

the term 'classic rock' doesn't do justice to the work
to lump pink floyd into the same category as motely crue
seems demeaning
i've been searching for a new word to describe this music
something cool
the word has been alluding me for years

on friday night we were in melbourne
at the king center
performing the doors first album
note for note - cut for cut

this show was important on two levels
one - jim morrison grew up in melbourne
two - no one needs to see another jim morrison imitator

clifton david is the greatest doors singer in the world
and this is a strange claim to make
because most of us know clifton as one of the greatest guitarists in the world
it really is nice getting to hang out with someone as talented as clifton
sometimes it all borders on surreal

this coming week we perform sticky fingers at the state theater
in new brunswick new jersey
there's more to playing the stones than just the notes
there's that undefinable swagger in the music
and it's very british at times
and country
we're wearing a lot of different hats on this record
and once again
no where else in the world will it be performed better
or with such attention to detail

that's gotta count for something

july 24, 2012
grapefruit slices and almonds