Friday, 16 November 2012


we drove into sydney with streaks of sun straining through the grey clouds
i created a playlist
and was pleased when the music
and everything outside of the windshield
and the moment became beautiful

i spent the day walking around sydney
people say hello to each other on the streets here
and this simple pleasantry was warming
and deepened my appreciation of this canadian finger

johnnie b rules the roost out here
i stopped by the local radio station
to introduce myself and thank them for all the love
i offered up an interview to stimulate some last minute ticket sales
only to be told that johnnie b had already done an interview
earlier that morning
on our way out of sydney
the dj thanked 'johnnie b and the boys'
we're no longer known as CAL out here
we're 'johnnie b and the boys'
i'm okay with that

we took the ferry into prince edward island
like my father
i do not have sea legs
i spent a lot of the voyage on the deck
taking in the sea air
gripping the rail
and embracing the term maritime

the show last night was one of those defining shows in a man's career
i was pleased with my performance
it's hard to sing the stones without moving a bit
you got to move a bit to get the right feel
i get lost in the music
it's hard not to

i don't know if anyone in the audience caught it
but last night you were among friends
old friends
lots of smiles exchanged on stage

james gray got applause just for the beautiful intro to 'she's a rainbow'

braxton blows like a man on a mountain

troy and i have been playing together since 1992
i feel confident when he drums
and our friendship comes through his sticks

looking back and seeing alex singing
beaming beauty
and effortless grace
that's a sweet moment
she's classically trained
she's a first call cellist
and here she is with us bums
singing exactly like a young keith richards

and pup
and des
and b
the four of us have been playing together since the 1940s
telling glances
the years speaking in silence
and deep and profound absolute love of the stones binding us
like blood brothers

this is a distinct part of canada
i'm proud to be able to come here
and share this important music
with important people
the level headed love of life here is infectious
i feel like we're all in it together
and that playing classic rock is a battle cry that unites us as a nation
and makes us feel like we're all in the same band
that band would be 'johnnie b and the boys'

november 16, 2012
evian and a fisherman's friend