Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Notes from the Road

just back from the hotel california rehearsal
we were cramped up in a good sounding room
running the songs
nicky's here from florida
he's jet lagged
but wailing the don henley
and bobby sounds great singing the glenn fry
the eagles are the greatest american band

i've started running television ads on cp24
that's our hometown news station
the ads are flashes of brilliance
there's no way to communicate what CAL does in thirty seconds
so i just showed rob playing really beautifully
and slow
i did another one with rusty
it's cool
share your thoughts on them
they're on our facebook page
a ways down

the elton john shows are selling out
i was so hesitant about doing the greatest hit album
over goodbye yellow brick road
but i feel like it was the right decision
yellow brick road is waiting in cue - a dense double album
but right now
the greatest hits show is in full bloom
and it's fantastic
big band
tight band
all of us commenting how elton
has been one of the more disciplined albums to learn
it's not very often you get to hear 'someone saved my life tonight'
note for note
we use a real piano when we can
will bangs the hesitancy out of it

we're just about ready to announce next year's season
bat out of hell is going to be making the rounds
new albums for some rotations
it'll be on the web site soon
and of course they'll be lots of beatles floyd and zeppelin shows

we sold a ton of CAL hoodies
i saw a guy on the street wearing one
i was driving
i wanted to pull over and invite him to dinner
proceeds from all the merch
go to the canadian cancer society
american cousins - think of it as cross border shopping
thanks to all who bought one
we're doing a good thing
we're also setting up a volunteer booth at massey hall
for the canadian cancer society
if you have some spare time
volunteer to drive patients to and from their appointments
i do it once a week
it's very rewarding
no one wants to get on a bus after chemo
so drop by the booth and ask some questions

i've been listening to a lot of 50s rock
you can hear the sound of the room
it's toe tapping rock n roll
i think an elvis show is in the cards
it's never been done
it's always been impersonators
or campy stuff
i think a real effort to bring forth the mastery of his voice
would be a defining show
i think it would be a lot of fun
and that's the point

there's also talk of doing let it be
i love this album
it's got such a band vibe
along with the performance
i would love to do a rooftop re-enactment
invite a bunch of people
film it and have a laugh
it would create a huge buzz
the right roof top is key
do it the same day as the show
get arrested

we're loving california
and we're making more friends with every visit
we hear it all the time
people tell us how much the music means to them
there's a vibe in california
that is pure american
the final frontier
driving up the pacific coast is like being in a feature film
you need the right selection of songs
we're planning a series of tours through california this coming year
i can't wait

i regret not seeing the stones the last time they came through town
everyone was asking me 'are you going?'
i was being a fool
and didn't go
but if they come again
i'm going
front and centre
same with springsteen
and all the greats
i want to see as many shows as i can
this is my religion
being in a big room with people who all love the same music
that's the keys to the universe

craig martin
april 10, 2014
fresca and salt and vinegar chips