Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach

it's beautiful here

lemon sunlight and 

slow breezes

i had coffee in bed for the first time in a year

that was nice

then i checked the socials to discover

it’s shain’s and bobby’s birthday

two good men

with soulful fingers

and ears tuned to satellites 

i posted about shain being with CAL since the 70s

and everyone started messaging me about my math and how that doesn’t add up

i realized that people don’t get me

or my sense of humour

that ripples into other parts of my life

i’ve been spending a lot of time with eric and his wife cindy

eric has all these fantastic stories about growing up in this unique part of america

i’m going to steal them and write a story!

he’s okay with that

cindy asked me if i had screamed at the ocean lately

so this morning i swam out far

and raged a bit

where’s my son?


salty tears and a return to the beach

cocoa beach is frill free

families come here to lounge in the sand

and play in the surf

kids everywhere

from all the different soups

it’s beautiful

and it works

some old guy on one of those fat tired bikes blasting a jeff beck cut from blow by blow

balls going missing

hovering birds

i don’t want to leave

then a rocket launch

just a couple miles away

a spark of brilliant orange and yellow


someone is going to space 

the best we can do

the summit of our humanity

having nasa so close is 


human beings are going to be okay

tomorrow i travel south to vero

and then to the keys 

where i’ll be playing guitar on the CCR show


i’m unsure of when i’ll return to toronto

jackson’s with a new puppy

ian’s at the house creating

my mum is cared for

i’m starting to feel the string unwind

time to spin free


april 7, 2021

starbucks coffee and scone