Sunday, 28 July 2019

Summertime Rolls

i’ve been streaming summer
in real time
lots of sun
and i’m happy that i’ve been social
concerts and dinners
chats with strangers about my dog
interaction is the new currency

we did our first boat cruise
with the CAL zep band
it worked!
maybe more of these going forward
nick walsh and myself are not sailors
but we were even on the horizon
and enjoyed a barf free day
funny bit - nick - mid song - pretending to puke over starboard
nick hildyard’s the same way
something about the name
i must ask nicole
and i’ve resolved to start calling everyone in CAL nicky

the upcoming CAL season is getting tricky
we’re growing so fast
a nice interaction with tom barlow - he did the cruise with us (he’s great!)
he said that he knew of lots of musicians
who all spoke about how great a gig CAL was
that made me feel  good
it’s nice to know that other players regard us like that
perhaps our paths will cross
it’s tricky with cats that write their own music - tom’s won junos!
but we’re a safe place for musicians to dock 

chalking up the air miles this month
in and out of airports
i used to think it was exciting but the routine is…
—no - it’s exciting
alex once said she likes airports because adventure awaits
i feel the same way

saw the stones about a month ago
very pleasing
at my age the bonus came in the form of VIP parking
we zoomed in and out
the stones were great!
glad they’re still at it
i hope to be shuffling off to a pub to play when i’m in my 70s
hell - dez manages just fine

the stones shows and rehearsals have been good for the soul
my body kicks into a memory 
and once the light hits
i thaw
and melt away hesitation
it’s always good to keep a foot in the game
it reminds me of how much work it takes to do what we do
troy told me that i belong on stage
he’s usually right about things
we’ll see

and soon we’re off to san diego to do a few pepper shows with the symphony
this is important 
we know how to do this
and plan on many more symphony shows
in some ways - this is the future of CAL
even without an orchestra
we’re our own orchestra
the modern day orchestra

in canada 
the four seasons are distinct
but summer’s the sweetest
it’s difficult to imagine our streets blanketed in snow
but not too difficult
as if it wasn’t hot enough
i’m about to land in florida
100 degrees baby
have a little sympathy
have some taste

july 28, 2019
vegetarian mushy airplane food and coffee