Monday, 27 January 2014

The Grammys

shari i actually enjoyed last night's grammys

every generation throws a hero up the pop chart

the daft punk song rocks
and their performance with chic and stevie wonder was groovin'
plus their helmets get everyone talking
they're probably our age and balding underneath

the metallica song - one - with the classical pianist was fantastic and forward thinking
you need chops to play metal
i've always thought the two genres melded
metallica has been working with classical orchestration for a couple decades now
last night they hit their stride

willie kris and merle sounded great
it was clear they just gave kris the guitar as a prop
i reviewed the performance and kris' fingers are lost
but who cares - i'd love to look that good at 70

my kids love macklemore
and all those people getting married with two beatles in the audience was touching
i'm happy their message of peace and love is still being told by young people

of course paul's song was a bit of a let down
we all wanted to hear something from the white album
but if you listened the song was pretty cool

ringo's performance of 'photograph' was amazing
that song is a song from my early teens that i've always felt bound to it
and it was nice to hear it played properly

the sets were the best i've ever seen at any awards show

it's amazing how many people our age were just ready to bash the show
and roll their eyes
and say 'that's not music'
learned behaviour
my dad used to call me in to see the stones!

craig martin
january 27, 2014
wine and cheese

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Elton John

elton john was my best friend growing up
and he always brought along his best friend - bernie taupin
and the three of us would hold hands
and skip through fields together
'from the edge of the world
to your town'

my dad's favourite song was 'daniel'
i like having that union in my life

elton john's greatest hits was my first album
my first jump from 45s
i know this album

whenever we went on vacation
usually to visit family on long island
my dad would let me buy an album
one trip i bought goodbye yellow brick road
listening to that album was like getting a college degree
fast songs
slow songs
story songs
'fantastic the feedback'
and elton's fingers wailing away at the piano
when you listen to love lies bleeding
you can hear elton pounding the piano
making it his bitch

here's a funny story
i'm a member of the rocket club
advance tickets etc.
my buddy and i go to see elton at the ACC
i wear my pink shirt
my dad looked great in a pink shirt
(my mum would laugh)
we're at the concert
and the band is cooking
after every song elton would stand at the edge of the stage
gracefully thank the audience
paying special attention to me
who was sitting in front of him 5 rows back
even my buddy said 'elton's digging you'
so i'm sizing the situation up

at the end of the concert elton once again
bowed and sent love my way
i'm thinking he really understands me
and he loves my pink shirt
but of course - it's his husband's family who are sitting directly in front of me
that's who he was thanking
his family
not narcissistic gay ready me

the chording on the song 'goodbye yellow brick road' is genius
the voicing he put to bernie's words
that's as good as our era gets
elton stands alongside
the british masters

i have a vision for our upcoming elton john greatest hits shows
that involves showcasing his piano playing and vocals
in an unusual way
whenever i talk to people about this vision
they express their concern
telling me that things aren't done like that
that tells me me
that i'm on the right track
beyond the yellow the brick road

january 4, 2014
coffee and sweet chocolate biscuits