Thursday, 4 August 2016

Fresh Ears on Pink Floyd

a beautiful conversation with nicole robinson
nicole did GIG with me
we’ve been tight ever since

she’s working on the dark side of the moon album
it’s wonderful to be able to introduce a new piece of work to someone
and have them completely grok it

nicole said that the album reflects the way she sees the world right now

because forty years ago
that’s what we thought

i get asked all the time
what constitutes a classic album?
the above is your answer
the endurance

sure mariah carey outsold everyone for a blip
but the work doesn’t hold up as whole
or as a defining piece of art
it’s disposable razors

i told my oldest son once
that one day he would call me and tell me that he loved dylan
and as with rob phillips
i’m still waiting
but it will happen
the claws of creativity find the open ears easily

pink floyd is immediate
you listen and plug yourself into the sound instantly
the lyrics bend to your way of seeing things

nicole got it
the message of the album became hers and hers alone
for some reason
that’s important to me

august 4, 1976

coca cola and spinach dip

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Summer Sunday

summer’s peak here in toronto
rain today
put on some doobie brothers and started in on the chores

it’s been a trip not having cable
i’m way behind on news
the papers are good
but i always drift to the entertainment section
cbc no longer cares if i listen - they’re adrift today as well

to our american cousins
fear not
while all the rumble sends mixed messages here north of the border
we canadians know that no matter what
the american spirit is tough 
and kind

it’s been one of the great joys of my life to play in the CAL CCR band
cowboy chords for me
i’m good at those
but i’m nowhere near the level of musicianship that the others are at
mark stewartson did some things on this show
that rivalled hendrix for innovation

time passes and things change
i now live in cabbagetown 
right down the road from maple leaf gardens
there’s an opera outside the window
there’s a ballet being fought in the alley
this is how a neighbourhood should work
old historic houses
up and comers
down and outers
all getting along
and using the neighbourhood
it’s gritty
and beautiful 
this is my favourite part of toronto
and my boys are walking distance from me now
it’s all starting to work out

i’ve been working with some new musicians
some of us are getting old
we don’t sound like 20 year old men
onstage it’s nice to see young people playing alongside some oldies
that is the new face of rock n roll

i may have overstepped my opinion
sometimes i should keep my mouth shut
who am i go give advice?
i’ve been telling the musicians to stop buying gear
and stop spending money on studio time
of course this is wrong
but i only want what’s best for them - especially in the long term
my argument is sound
while new gear is always a plus
will it translate to better sound? audibly?
if you haven’t got the sound by now
a new pedal isn’t going to fix it
and regarding the studio time
i’ve been recording with garageband
this is a powerful piece of software
and i’m very happy with the sound
recording studios are of another time
certainly the big acts can afford this luxury
but i’ve never met anyone whose gotten signed or sold a song based on a good sounding demo
that said
we all have our weaknesses 
i should keep my mouth shut

the upcoming show at maple leaf gardens is going to be heavy
the 50 year anniversary of the beatles playing there
it’s my understanding that this show was the show that changed toronto’s state of mind
the show happened on august 17, 1966
the next day it was as though a collective coolness came over the city
the 60s kicked in
time had passed
things had changed
we’re tapping into that
we’re going to be performing studio versions of their set list
then our outro set is going to blow some minds
50 years to the date

if anyone from melbourne reads this
what do you think of this years new years eve party
CCR and stones?
it’ll have a real party vibe
i think steve is going to take out the front seating
and put a dance floor in
share your thoughts!

my closest friend had a terrible death in his family
his young nephew didn’t wake up one mornig
so many of us have had life altering events 
it brings out our best - our compassion
but i don’t know what to say or do
i always defer to music
that’s a comfortable way for me to communicate
i wonder if i should start a thread 
where everyone can tell a story and remember friend through music
too heavy?
it would rattle some us
force us to feel some real
go kiss your kids!

and it’s been a few months since david bowie passed
it feels a bit empty doesn’t it?
my vibe changed 
sure i miss him
but i didn’t really know him
i know him like i’ve always known him
through his music
and that’s still here
what his death did for me
was start my own meter
and it’s clicking away
my mortality has been awakened
i’m going to continue to use up the days
like there’s no tomorrow
love big
and go to bed tired overnight
and full of life

july 30, 2016
coffee and ginger nut biscuits