Wednesday, 7 October 2020

On Streaming

it’s a good experience

the employment element alone is soulful

in the beginning russell gray and i had chats

about how many people would tune in

we thought tens of thousands

i may have got carried away and dreamt of hundreds of thousands

we get about 450 people

it’s a happy place

lots of people getting in touch

wanting to know how to do it

i’m hesitant to advise

military surgical protocols of course

there’s a lot of links in the chain

you need a good team

my first conversation with mark rashotte at the empire

lasted about 2 minutes

we both wanted to get things done

it was that easy

we’ve never talked about it since

we just tell road stories

i think all the bands should create their own streaming platform

and book it themselves

create a season’s worth of presentations

from one location

indie pod

metal pod

folk pod

rock pod

tribute pod

create your own infrastructure

book shows

it’s a ton work

we didn’t bother with the pay wall

we just counted on people’s goodwill

this is a very organic heartfelt experience

the donations are churchlike 

the musicians have purpose because of goodwill

outside of that

deep breaths

lower your expectations

enjoy the ride

i send love to everyone’s families



1 comment:

  1. I love your idea of the pods and I don't understand why more bands don't do this.

    And, the streaming idea is a slow one to catch on for some reason unknown to me. Maybe it just needs more awareness. I tuned in to the Who: Who's Next and it was a great show. So was Gowan's live stream. I'd love to make it to Belleville to be one of the 50 people actually there - I've heard it's usually less than 50 ... how is that even possible!!! Anyway, thanks so much for doing this, I'm going to spread the word - I know of a few bands that SHOULD jump at this opportunity. It's a great way to promote new albums from classic artists, too. Hoping you get a full house for U2: the Joshua Tree! As for donations, I hope it will be alright if I just call the theatre and do a credit card donation for $50 for this U2 performance. Thanks so much for blazing the trail while we get through this pandemic. Hope you come to Centre in the Square in Kitchener real soon - they are starting to do some live streaming from the stage and I will contact them again to see what's up. Thanks again, Elizabeth Miller, Kitchener