Friday, 13 December 2013


tis the season
here in the great white north

we've been working the band on the run album
it's nearing perfection
the band is firing on all cylinders

i've been trying to get a message across
but i get tongue tied when speaking about it before the shows
maybe this blog will find a way in

like so many people
my family has been affected by cancer
it's a big tarp of worry that hovers
but i found a way to let some light in
i volunteer

every monday i drive patients to and from their hospital appointments
it's very cause and effect
and well set up
through the cancer society
it's become an important part of my life

i went to a meeting
coffee and lunch
then started driving the following week

dispatch sends me an email
it has my pick ups
and times
it's all very zen

i can't imagine what it must be like to have chemo
or radiation
and then have to get on a bus
so driving is very important

everyone wants to talk about cancer
and when we do
we grab onto each other as if to share energy

there's a palpable energy in volunteering
you meet great people
funny people
from all over the world
i keep the laughs rolling
and i listen to everyone's stories

for 2 weeks in a row
i drove a young woman and her baby
they were from afghanistan
i told her i was traveling to florida that coming weekend
she was so interested
the next week she asked all about my trip
'what's america like?'
at that moment Q had hendrix's 'are you experienced' on
i turned up the radio
i said 'it's like this'
she smiled and nodded
she got it

some people get in the car
and their life story falls out of them
it's like a travel show

some people are sad

what's nice about it
is that the system is working
i see it first hand
we get bombarded with health care information
sometimes it's hard to find level ground

i'm proud to volunteer
and be part of something that's moving forward

there's never a rush driving
the last thing you want to do is get stressed
(this has been a major challenge for me)
instead chill
the hospitals understand the ebb and flow
and everyone is caring at every step in the trip
it's soul food

as i age i feel the compassionate part of my life kick in
nature moves us this way
if this blog finds you
and sparks
then look into volunteering
and feel good
if you don't have time
then don't feel guilty!
braxton keeps asking me about it
i tell him to wait
he's young with a new family and tons of gigs
your time will come!
leave it to us oldies for now

and don't forget
classic albums live tickets make a cool gift

december 13, 2013
tea and cadbury christmas chocolates