Sunday, 16 November 2014

Join Together in the Band

sometimes i just want to hear classic rock
it's like craving a steak
you try all kinds of different food
toy with some vegetarianism
share some sushi with the kids
then all of a sudden you're craving a steak

i listen to a lot of music
all day
i listen to classical to train my ear to pitch
i listen to old country to hear the twang of a perfect voice
i listen to 50s for the mix
i listen to a lot of pop because my youngest loves it
(i love pop too - i grew up with chum charts) (chum charts are worth googling)
but i always make my way back to classic rock

today was chore day
leaves mostly
five bucks a bag for the kids
i put on some doobie brothers and went about my chores
all the while Q107 played
i got to hear my ads running
and while i thought it was exciting
the kids shrug
no big deal to them - dad's just not cool
i urge all of our american cousins to tune in Q107 on sundays
for the psychedelic sunday experience
deep tracks and cool faves spun by andy frost
a DJ who has lived this music alongside us
and knows how to communicate it

in the middle of the day
andy spun 'gettin' in tune' off of who's next
and i had one of those defining moments
where i was giddy with joy
at the thought of hearing that song and the rest of the album
played perfectly this friday at massey hall
my life - like everyone's goes through a lot of ups and downs
so when a moment occurs when you just feel good
i've learned to seize it
that moment gets better if music is involved

there's a certain feeling to the week that we play massey hall
in some ways it overtakes our every move
we do a lot of shows
but massey hall is special to us
it's our home town
it's a room where we all bring our family to
and it's a room where we get super serious about the show
in some ways - performing at massey hall
has helped shape the way we govern ourselves in every other city and town
it's greatness we strive for
it's the greatness of the album that inspires us and moves us vertically

this friday night is going to be a roof raiser
the band is smart and tight
and full of just the right amount of piss
the who are a rock 'n' roll band
like no other rock 'n' roll band
pete townsend is our generation's shakespear
the stage is set
i want you to join together with the band

november 17, 2014
budweiser and raw almonds