Sunday, 26 August 2018

5 Albums You Didn't Know You Needed

5 Albums You Didn't Know You Needed

ram - paul mCartney
i’ve been raving about this albums for years
linda sounds great
and the songs flow seamlessly into one another
creating a homey vibe
if i could travel back in time
i’d choose to go to paul’s farm and sit in on the recording
perhaps make tea and soldiers 
and make myself available to do a funny voice
on uncle albert / admiral halsey
play this album on sundays

marvin gaye - what’s going on
a concept album 
a lot of people don’t realize this
but marvin had a firm grip on what indeed was going on
and this album was a warning shot for society
global warming
it’s all here 
marvin takes the issues and through the beauty of 
his voice
his lyrics
his arrangements
he makes it all sound hopeful
plus this is a great album to put on when you’re having sex

the pretenders
this is a rock ’n’ roll record
chrissie is open and honest 
the first feminist for me
she can snarl
and she phrases her songs like joni 
the band is crisp and a little bit angry
i put this album on when i’m cleaning the house
statistics showed a surge in effective cleaning
all motivated by the sound of 80s kicking in

gord downie - introduce yourself
for all of our american cousins
i implore that you buy this album
and consider it an introduction to canada
it’s not a geography lesson
nor a history recital
but it’s poetic and graceful
and it understands that canadian heart 
i wrote a previous blog about this album
the scratch of sadness that shows through 
makes me ache a little bit
and it makes me feel alive
gord wrote this album knowing that the great gig was coming
every song is about someone
and every song is about us

the rolling stones - goats head soup
this album is for all the bad girls and boys
who remember their teens 
and what a saturday night felt like
maybe you were alone
or maybe you were in somebodies basement
but goats head soup was probably on the turntable
and it made you feel good
and bad
lyrically mick’s at his best
‘winter’ is the stand out track for me
it makes me wish for snow in june
just so i can tap into that vibe of being bad
i love the stones
i don’t like people who don’t like the stones

craig martin
august 26, 2018
tea and soldiers

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Summer Ends

sometimes it feels 
like the only true thing in my life is music

i’m tired
there’s so many messages
it wears me down

music is as true as it’s going to get for me
i can’t see clear of much else
life has altered expectations

this past weekend
we played a small club in austin
the bar smelled like a bar should
we all changed in front of each other in a small room backstage
and we crammed up against each other on stage
it was glorious

after the show we all spoke about how much we loved dark side of the moon
and how performing it felt important
everyone spoke like there was iron in their voices
it was a true thing
you could feel it

we’re so protective of this music
all of it
i have no claim other than caring
but i feel like it’s our job to make sure the music is properly performed
that’s what we are
the performances are books

i just posted a video of us doing CSN’s suite judy blue eyes
it’s so beautiful
the song is transcendent 
rob soars 
i wonder if it’s just me who gets so emotional about performances like this
but then i get emails from people 
and posts
and we all connect for a moment in time

our summer is soon coming to an end
it was planes and vans and stage doors and after show pool hangs
it started at the wolf trap on june 1
and gets close to ending this weekend with the white album shows

and another season begins
lots of shows
i’m figuring it out
i’ve got a good behind the scenes staff
our mandate is simple
note for note - cut for cut
keep the musicians working
and stay true

august 14, 2018

starbucks coffee and egg bites

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

The Stones

oh i love the stones
always have
when i was a boy in the 60s
my dad - knowing how much i loved music
called me in from playing 
to show me a tv show with them on it
baited and hooked

years later 
when keith had to play the benefit concert in oshawa
our local new station went live (CFTO - scarborough baby)
and there’s mick leaning into the crowd singing ‘starfucker’
i remember writhing about because my favourite rock star
was swearing on national TV and the censors didn’t have a clue
that was 79

mick’s lyrics are amazing
fat nouns and jangly adverbs
and keef is riffalicious
and with that i realize that
i don’t like people who don’t like the stones

i got to see the stones play the club shows in toronto
RPM, horseshoe, phoenix
i have all kinds of stories (just ask me)
i remember the set lists
the clothes
the audience
it was like seeing royalty

and isn’t that the point?
the stones are still out there
enduring well past the 'getting old' jokes
and riffing their hearts out
touring like no other band ever has before
committed man!
a while back - i spoke the above comment
someone retorted with ‘the beach boys have endured!’
i punched them in the face
i’m writing this from prison
drunk on cell block booze

we’ve been rehearsing the sticky fingers album
it’s been emotional 
and i’m happy to be amongst people i have genuine love for
the other night - i looked around the room during ‘waiting on a friend’
and realized that for 15 years, we’ve all been touring together 
in and out 
up and down
through and through
like bastardized royalty
one month bobby spent more time with us than he did his family
we belong on the road
that’s where the real musicians go

tonight we return to the roy thomson hall patio for 2 nights
the band is smart and tight
and happy
and i’m excited to be back on stage
it will be emotional 
i’ll be carrying the canoe 
but these songs elevate your mojo
and get you kicking at the stall

we’re playing in delaware this weekend
so expect the RTH shows to have a heavy dose of sticky fingers stuck to them
and of course my love of 'exile on main street' is well documented
so an unhealthy dose of those songs will also be featured
we won’t be playing miss you or satisfaction
this is a musician’s show
we want to shine
the entire week is being filmed for a episode of undercover boss

sometimes the world gets spinning on some kind of axis
that throws me off balance
and makes me feel out of sync and untested
but getting on stage with people you care about
and playing music that vibrates your soul
in venues that cloak you in cool
that’s the stuff that raises the dead off the battlefield 
hoists the flag
and gets you fighting another day

craig martin
august 1, 2018
amanda’s smoothie