Thursday, 4 August 2016

Fresh Ears on Pink Floyd

a beautiful conversation with nicole robinson
nicole did GIG with me
we’ve been tight ever since

she’s working on the dark side of the moon album
it’s wonderful to be able to introduce a new piece of work to someone
and have them completely grok it

nicole said that the album reflects the way she sees the world right now

because forty years ago
that’s what we thought

i get asked all the time
what constitutes a classic album?
the above is your answer
the endurance

sure mariah carey outsold everyone for a blip
but the work doesn’t hold up as whole
or as a defining piece of art
it’s disposable razors

i told my oldest son once
that one day he would call me and tell me that he loved dylan
and as with rob phillips
i’m still waiting
but it will happen
the claws of creativity find the open ears easily

pink floyd is immediate
you listen and plug yourself into the sound instantly
the lyrics bend to your way of seeing things

nicole got it
the message of the album became hers and hers alone
for some reason
that’s important to me

august 4, 1976

coca cola and spinach dip