Sunday, 28 April 2013


i'm in vegas
poking around to see if there's a play for CAL here
we played the joint at the hard rock a few years back
and we connected with the people that came
but after 6 shows over 6 months
we found it was hard to get our message out
we take so much explaining
the fleeting crowd want circus's and lions

my american agent - brian
has set up some meetings in a variety of different rooms
one of them is a performing arts center
the others are with casinos
it's hard to explain to people that our two secret weapons
are endurance and word of mouth
we keep coming back with new albums
and people keep telling their friends
that message seems so tiny compared to the hulking flash of vegas
but i'm going to tell it true

i'm optimistic
there's so much stun and fun here
that something slightly more cerebral might stand out
we'll see
the last time here
i found a host of deeply appreciative music lovers
who grooved to the CAL vibe

last night we saw prince formerly known as the artist
at the joint
he had tapped into his hendrix
and as far as i'm concerned
has proven himself the true heir to jimi's throne
prince jammed
he's all to himself
the band watches for a cue
and executes dutifully
tight band
with a great groove and chops that any butcher would be proud of
but prince is the show
wailing colours and attitude
he took his guitar on a field trip
you know why you never read or see prince in the tabloids?
because he stays inside and practices
the music is his master
that's it
that's his life
his definition
i dig that

tech notes
- no in ears because prince knows that real rock players play old school
- no overhead mics on the cymbals
- no constant guitar changes - he bent the guitar in two then sat it on the stand only to pick it up again discover that it was still in tune because it's a good guitar
- donna - the 2nd guitar player (from toronto!) (friends with morgan!) was not as loud in the mix for her solos as prince was

wish me luck today
i'm excited to find out if there's something here for us

april 28, 2013
american coffee

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Stones Roll Again

damn straight
get up and get out
hit the road
strap on a guitar
hit those goddamn drums
turn it up
crank it out
give me the hits
and the deep tracks
i don't care about how old your aren't
i just want to let go and have fun
i wanna grab my baby's hips and sway
i want to have a couple beers
and forget about how much i'm getting gouged
it's the stones
while everyone else was rethinking things
they just woke up and carried on doing what they do
c'mon c'mon
it's not like they know how to do anything else
after 50 years you can bet that they know
how to connect with tens of thousands of people
and i like the gorilla
go out swinging
swan songs
and curtain calls
deep bows
roses on graves
that towel in ring is just there to wipe up some stage sweat
get on the plane and catch some sleep
eat whatever you want
toast your mates
smile knowingly
because we're ready to rock the next night
and the night after that
and when the tour is over
and you're catching your breath
and you're wondering what to do next
you can dream it up again
because no one is saying goodbye