Monday, 19 February 2018

Gord Downie's "Introduce Yerself"

i’ve been listening to nothing but this album for two months straight
gord downie was a family man
and this album takes you into that side of him
he had a nice big family
i’m jealous of that
i have a tiny family

for our american cousins
gord fronted a band called the tragically hip
he was one of the greatest frontman ever
right up there alongside mick, freddie, scott

i've seen the hip so many times
i lived in kingston for a while back in the extreme early 80s
i think i saw them at the lakeview manor
those were different times
but i am so happy to have seen the hip with my son lucas
he kept looking over at me and smiling during the show
as if to say 'he's weird but cool'

the songs on introduce yerself are each about a person
you can only guess 
lyrically ol’ gord’s colouring life with a small observations
and deft philosophy
‘love over money’ i think is about the band
“love over money - that’s how we got good”
great line

there’s songs about putting his kids to sleep
buying T shirts at concerts
and my favourite - the title cut - introduce yourself
about writing a message on your hand 
with the exception of AC/DC 
my music always needs to have an element of poetry to it

my son jackson goes to the same school as gord’s kids
kids with tragedy printed on them
ours has been private and theirs has been fireworks
i wonder how they’ll deal with it all in the years to come
of course they’ll be fine

kevin drew co-wrote the album with gord
just excellence and nothing more from their pairing
if anyone knows kevin
please send word that his work has touched me in a profound way
and i’m a better person for having this album in my life

music finds us 
we don’t find it
we’re bombarded with music - shell shocked
but there’s that beautiful moment when you find an album
and that album starts to bind to you
and heal you
and help you remember
and then you share that album with people you care about

feb 19, 2018

poached eggs and coffee