Friday, 8 July 2011

Entrepreneur of the Year Wrap Up

i'm out
i did not make it to the entrepreneur of the year finals
i called it all along

i did not connect with the judges
one of them was scared of me
another told me that he didn't like music
one cat smiled politely and nodded

a lot of the entrants were variations of
resource capital trust income merger fund
all good people providing jobs

i just wasn't in their league
nor were they in mine

i never do things that don't feel right
i can tell the way a shows gonna go
from the get go

and i always get into trouble when i follow instead of lead

i got a nice call from chris at ernst and young
hope to see him at some shows

right now i'm working out the details
on which musicians play on which album
i've got a massive column of shows
lighting up north america
lots of work for lots of players
note for note perfection
sublime moments
that moment of shivers when for fifteen seconds
a musician soars

no imitations
no costumes
no cheese
and certainly no more competitions

july 8, 2011

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