Monday, 13 August 2012

Massey Hall

do you like rock n roll?
because we're performing exile on main street at massey hall
on november 23
i know many of you don't know this album
but it's important that you run out immediately
and buy the album
it's a heavy record
with a splendid history
and it will enrich your life
i love second generation blues
i know
i'm a purist too
but i love the blues when zeppelin play them
and i love the blues when the beatles play them
but i especially love the blues when the stones play the blues
november 23
big band
big night
a great way to start off a new season in toronto

maybe you need more rock n roll?
then on  february 9
you want to slip into roy thomson hall
we're performing sgt. pepper
we've done this show a lot
but there's something about doing it at roy thomson hall
i dunno
it gives me energy
i feel like something important is going to happen that night
and we're all dreaming of the second set
we call it the outro set
it'll be another beautiful selection of songs from the lads
that marry well with the hall

you really do love rock n roll
and it's not just a bullet point in your self description
then you need to stop everything
and buy tickets for the march 1 dark side of the moon show
back at massey hall
this is the 40 year anniversary of the album's north american release
and it's also CAL's 10 year anniversary
that's a lot of numbers to fire up
rob phillips will be performing the show of his life
it's as though his entire being has been circling towards this show
his people died for his right to play
dark side of the moon
at massey hall
on the 40th anniversary of the album's north american release
on march 1
and we're planning heavy fun sneaky things for the show
it's going to be our thank note to our hometown for 10 years of love and support

it's such a great honour to be able to honour these albums like we do

craig martin
august 13, 2012
hard boiled eggs and lemonade

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