Tuesday, 5 March 2013


there's these moments
when you connect with something
it can be beautiful or sad
it rocks your soul
and you know you'll carry that moment with you through life

these moments for me are attached to music
i can never remember what i eat at weddings
or what was said at funerals
but i always remember the music

i'm not religious
it never found me
i was raised without it
but i like being around people who are
it's like hedging your bets
my partner is jewish
and i like taking part in all of the ceremonies her family has
and of course christmas is fun
especially with all the kids

but other than that
i don't connect
not from any lack of trying
i read a lot
i'm reading i ching right now

once i was on a flight to nyc
the woman beside me was crying
she had prayer beads in her fingers
she told me she was going to see her sister who was very sick
and she was praying hard
i helped her get a cab once we landed
and she said she'd say a prayer for me
i thought that it would be nice to have someone care that much about you
i'd want someone like that in my corner if things turn south

i connect to music
i still believe that rock n roll can change the world
i attach meaning to lyrics and carry those lyrics with me for life
i share music with as many people as i can reach
i help musicians as best as i can
i see music bettering people
i find a lot of parallels in this mind set with religion

tomorrow morning two crews are setting out on the road
20 musicians will perform queen and abbey road
in opposite ends of north america
they're like arrows
full of music and joy
sure of their mark
so people get ready
you don't need no ticket
just sit down and take one in the heart
they'll make you feel good
and hopeful
and loving
the arrows
you can say a prayer for them
or just wish that that they get fired back safely
you can scream hallelujah
or clap your hands
we can all care together
there's something happening here

craig martin
march 5, 2013
milk and honey


  1. On second thought - maybe getting a ticket ain't a bad idea.

  2. Craig - Revolver/Rubber Soul in Lakeland - Great Concert! They announced Texas Flood - wife only wants to go if Clifton is on lead guitar....any idea who the band will be?