Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Stones Roll Again

damn straight
get up and get out
hit the road
strap on a guitar
hit those goddamn drums
turn it up
crank it out
give me the hits
and the deep tracks
i don't care about how old your aren't
i just want to let go and have fun
i wanna grab my baby's hips and sway
i want to have a couple beers
and forget about how much i'm getting gouged
it's the stones
while everyone else was rethinking things
they just woke up and carried on doing what they do
c'mon c'mon
it's not like they know how to do anything else
after 50 years you can bet that they know
how to connect with tens of thousands of people
and i like the gorilla
go out swinging
swan songs
and curtain calls
deep bows
roses on graves
that towel in ring is just there to wipe up some stage sweat
get on the plane and catch some sleep
eat whatever you want
toast your mates
smile knowingly
because we're ready to rock the next night
and the night after that
and when the tour is over
and you're catching your breath
and you're wondering what to do next
you can dream it up again
because no one is saying goodbye

1 comment:

  1. Those grandfathers need to chill, sit back in their rocking chairs because they're way over the hill. If you can't hit the notes and you can't carry a tune pack it in and go home and bay at the moon.