Monday, 6 October 2014

Dream Big

and today
the new season starts
we announce more shows
and we connect with more music lovers
people whom we have a symbiotic relationship with

first out the gate is the beatles' white album
4 shows in the sunshine state
i can't wait to perform this album
it's like we all got presents
and get to collectively unwrap them
the white album has something for everyone
for me
it's about revolution 9
we're the only ones in the entire world
attempting to perform it note for note

then it's into our true north capital city
with our inaugural performance of the bat out of hell album
followed by a full on ontario tour
that promises to awe and inspire
many of us grew up with this album
it plays out like a musical staring us in our teens
certain songs wail through our hearts like sirens on there way to a three alarm fire
one thing is clear
the arrangements are unprecedented in their range and commitment
murray james bosch is defining himself as a singer on this album
i'm excited at rehearsals
working alongside of him
hearing him relive the words
it's like being in a movie
where memories are blinking by
the bat out of hell show is CAL at it's best
every cylinder is firing on high octane fuel
and we're all revved up with a clear indication of where we want to go

i made another play for vegas
and i was handed another defeat
i don't gamble with money
never have never will
but i do put myself and my company out there for challenges
unfortunately vegas wants the dancing bears
not the serious musicians
the cat we ended up dealing with doesn't see it
doesn't get it
and doesn't want it
which is a drag
because from what i can glean
vegas is all sheen
and while everyone is out there shooting icicles at each other
we're warm and fuzzy
a breath of cool
genuine cool
that would stand out as the cool destination for music lovers
perhaps another venue another day
but for now
vegas is a mirage

it's been an emotional entrance into autumn
old friends are reconnecting
and we're sparking on each others love vibe
we're welded together by years of travel and music
the two hand in hand
brothers in arms
literally at times
one thing is crystal
music unites and clears out the cob webs
the dust of yesterday is replaced by a the breeze of forgotten hope
and our fingers and throats itch to play again
last night we crashed a jam
and a beautiful mess emitted
my thanks to alumni dale harrison and toad for the accommodations

we're announcing a new batch of florida dates later this week
it's nice to have bookings that carry us into 2016
it's as close as job security gets for a working musician
we have beauty in our lives
when we have black ink on the calendar 

this coming season
has musicians on planes and in cars
all over north america
wish them love and safety
and if you see them
point them in the direction
of good coffee

october 6, 2015
good coffee

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