Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Summer Ends

sometimes it feels 
like the only true thing in my life is music

i’m tired
there’s so many messages
it wears me down

music is as true as it’s going to get for me
i can’t see clear of much else
life has altered expectations

this past weekend
we played a small club in austin
the bar smelled like a bar should
we all changed in front of each other in a small room backstage
and we crammed up against each other on stage
it was glorious

after the show we all spoke about how much we loved dark side of the moon
and how performing it felt important
everyone spoke like there was iron in their voices
it was a true thing
you could feel it

we’re so protective of this music
all of it
i have no claim other than caring
but i feel like it’s our job to make sure the music is properly performed
that’s what we are
the performances are books

i just posted a video of us doing CSN’s suite judy blue eyes
it’s so beautiful
the song is transcendent 
rob soars 
i wonder if it’s just me who gets so emotional about performances like this
but then i get emails from people 
and posts
and we all connect for a moment in time

our summer is soon coming to an end
it was planes and vans and stage doors and after show pool hangs
it started at the wolf trap on june 1
and gets close to ending this weekend with the white album shows

and another season begins
lots of shows
i’m figuring it out
i’ve got a good behind the scenes staff
our mandate is simple
note for note - cut for cut
keep the musicians working
and stay true

august 14, 2018

starbucks coffee and egg bites

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