Thursday, 19 May 2011

Secret Agents

last night i went to a small arena to see a show
it was a fact finding mission
i wanted to see if there was a play for CAL in a small arena
from the second i walked into the venue
i knew that this would not be a fit for CAL
first of all we couldn't sell that many seats on a regular basis

the arena was big
and while the venue held about 5000 seats
only half were sold
and everything looked sparse
no one goes back to an empty room
it was worth the drive
now i know that i never want to leave the performing arts centres

years ago steve butler moved us from the phoenix concert theatre
to performing arts centres
i didn't know what to expect
but from the first note of the first song in a theatre
i knew that this is where CAL belongs

after 9 years of shows
you want to grow and fertilize some new ground
you want to be the painted pony
and let the spinning wheel spin
a play into arenas could be a gamble that pays off
but i don't gamble
i spent years at the mohegan sun
and never dropped on coin in any machine
we're boring
we're canadian
we like familiarity
so we're staying in the PACs

a big part of our continuing journey is brian swanson at monterey international
it's nice to finally be with a cool professional agency
it was a big thing for monterey to take us on
they're heavy music lovers
and only get involved with the best
monterey has two offices
one in california
and one in chicago
brian had to do some heavy explaining about the what what with CAL
the first obstacle was - of course - making the agency realize
that this is not a tribute band
they got it
and they got it big time
now brian and monterey are booking us extensively in america
all through america
with nice concentrated little tours
album after album

this was no small feat
imagine how many conversations and follow calls and visits
it would take to get a theatre manager to go with CAL
especially when there's a slag heap of budget tribute bands
fermenting in the wings
licking their lips in anticipation
for their chance to desecrate the legacy of the greats

but no
the theatre owners / buyers / bookers are a united bunch
and they care deeply about what goes on their stage
so one by one
we're coming to new american cities and towns
we're bringing our classic rock gospel
and we're cementing bridges that only we get to cross

another nice thing to come of all this
is brian and our canadian agent - steve butler
have been working closely together
there is no territorial pissing
they are a team that has learned a valuable lesson
professionals collaborate

we're just about ready to announce a ton of new shows
they'll be on the web site
i have a great blog to follow this one up with
regarding the new shows
some funny stories
some politics
it all makes for a good read

there's some heavy stuff going on behind the scenes here at CAL
i'll have a full detailed report once it settles
it's scandalous!
again - a great read
but until then
i send love to my agents
respectable men who care greatly about their careers
and the careers of their artists

craig martin
may 19, 2011
backstage at the rose theatre with luke warm coffee

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  1. so glad you decided on keeping the venue small and the crowd pumped... we had a blast last night and will continue to promote the kids as some of the best shows around... the quiet old couple in the corner was lip syncing and dancing by the end of the night.