Monday, 30 May 2011

A Certified Fool

t shirts
i should be selling t shirts at the shows
i'm a certified fool
i'm missing a golden opportunity to make some extra scratch
what kind of an entrepreneur am i to squander this lash for cash?
how will this bode at the 'entrepreneur of the year' question period?

there's zero rationale behind this
my gut says run
my head says run
and my heart says don't waste your time - put on some springsteen

we had T shirts once
lost a bundle on it
i would go to the shows and just give them away to kids
i liked that

i imagine there's some kind of board out there that oversees business
and they call on certified fools like me when opportunities are squandered

Board: Mr. Martin - why don't you have advertising on your web site?

Me: I dunno. The vibe just ain't right.

Board: Mr. Martin - you could really be lining your pockets. The kind of web traffic you're getting could manifest itself into substantial earnings.

Me: I know. But it doesn't feel right. This is not our music. This is the people's music. I know you all think I'm nuts but a T shirt isn't going to be viewed as a very forward thinking marketing tool. I hate marketing tools. I think most marketers are tools.

Board: That's not the way the real world operates.

Me: Who said anything about the real world?

Board: We suppose your 'book' is to be regarded as forward thinking?

Me: Yeah.

Board: And when will we see this 'forward thinking book?'

Me: Well…I…Uhm…

Board: Case closed. No further questions.

we've all been hustled and pounded on so much
i just want people to come to the shows
that's all
connect to the music
save your T shirt money and go out and buy the album for your kids
it's such a grab for cash these days
there's a crassness to it all that forces me to confront my own duality
my music lover side vs. my business side

up to now we've done very well without T shirts and web banners
i see no reason to change that
it would be an honour to sell t shirts that led zeppelin dropped off for us to sell
i wouldn't even want a cut
i'd do it for free
for the association

Board: Mr. Martin, you're insane.

monday may 30, 2011
mum's homemade fruit cake with butter and milk (melk)

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