Sunday, 12 June 2011

Supertramp at the Molson Amphitheatre

tight band
really tight
CAL tight

great vocals and execution all around
tempos were spot on
brass was in pocket

rick davies went deep into his discography
and dusted off some money purse candy

they had a strong musician to cover rodger's parts
he did a good job of doubling on both guitar and keys
and sang the parts so well
that it made you miss rodger
i know that's the last thing that supertramp want to hear
but it's true
i don't know what caused the rift
if anyone does please share
the clock is ticking
who's got time for troubled water when you're in your sixties?
they need to sit down
have a cup of tea
and get it out
then huff and puff
and realize that the world is ready for them
to become greater than their individual parts
and reform
and tour the crime of the century album
(and then hire me to oversee things)

the lighting for the show tonight
was easily the absolute worst lighting i have ever seen
the band was in the dark the entire night
lone spotlight reserved for rick
there was too much flash and random movement
colours that didn't match
and darkness
lots of darkness
if you're a light man
having light in the show would be a given, no?
what do you expect from a 'tech' that lights the show with headphones on?
worst lights ever
heads need to roll

but the crowd loved it
and loved it some more
a full house
with loud happy cheering
we were in the box
the mix was one of the best live mixes i have ever heard
everything was sitting as pretty as the girl next to me
there were perfect moments flowering up during the show

rick davies did no talking
it was as if he knew there was a missing ingredient
he's a master musician
he knows innate talent
he misses rodger
they miss each other
i'm right about this

craig martin
midnight june 12, 2011
salt and vinegar chips and iced tea

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