Monday, 6 June 2011

A Beautiful Email

i was saving this for the book
but it couldn't wait
it's one of those little life droplets that sparkle up the entire well
it's one the reasons we do what we do
it's confirming for us to know that while visiting
we leave a nice little path behind us

many thanks to brian for his permission to share this
it's an honour, sir
Hi Craig,

My brother, Bill, introduced me to CAL years ago when you guys first started playing in Windsor. We were instantly hooked.

Every time a show came around, he made sure that we both went, brought our friends and made sure that there was always somebody new who had not seen a show so they could share in our little secret of great classic rock.

Bill was diagnosed with brain cancer in may of 2009.

Last year you brought the Zeppelin show to Windsor. Bill was in the hospital at the time, but was determined to go.  I snuck him out, we saw the concert and I got him back before the nurses even realized he left.

As his illness progressed, we often talked about all of the great concertts we had seen together.
Supertramp, Doobie Brothers, Triumph, Roger Waters, and every CAL show that ever came though town.

Bill died Jan 1, 2011.

I was at the Zepplelin show last Friday, I brought friends and 3 CAL virgins, just like we always did.
I had one extra ticket - the seat looked empty to everyone else except me.

I just want you to realize that what you and your musicians do have a lasting effect on people. So if you ever have a day that makes you wonder why the hell you bother with all the B.S. of trying to make this a go, just remember there are people out there, like me and my brother, who have memories to cherish because of your gift to us.



  1. Wow....I am very sorry for your loss Brian. I am sure that Bill would be pleased that you are keeping the tradition alive.

    Kindest regards,


  2. Sorry for your loss Brian. This was very touching because on my second CAL show I took my little brother to see the fellas play Massey Hall. April 16 was epic. My heart goes out to you man. Alfie Chieffallo.