Sunday, 9 September 2012


just finished surfing the web
lost a couple hours reading about bono
he's living a life
and he's played quite a few cards
both within and without music

there's a lot of articles about his involvement in tech companies
and how they're not performing very well
and how he's losing money
and i'm surprised at how many people revel in that detail
but not me

i want everyone to be successful
and most of all i want bono to be successful
in fact
i think bono should assemble a team
and manage the world's finances

think about it
with him in charge
there would be no hunger
and vaccines would be made readily available
to those most in need

nations would be forced to talk to each other
and you know the after party would do more for peace
than anything the united nations has ever done

i want bono to oversee injustice
you know if there's some evil shit going down somewhere
he's going to be there
and broadcast it to the world
and the world won't stand for it
because people are good and decent

i can't think of anyone better to do this
i just finished watching weeks of politics on tv
we had a couple weeks off
i really enjoy watching tv when i get some down time
but i was itchy and uneasy watching all the sloganeering
and name-calling
and ironless promises

imagine if bono was up there
he's have his sunglasses on
and he'd eloquently tell you
that there's some babies in a faraway part of the world
that need some help
and dammit
you know by the end of the telecast
that there would be a ton of money going straight to helping those babies

he'd consult with people
open up dialogue
if things got heated
he'd take everyone down to the pub for a beer

bono would figure out what was most important
and get people working on fixing whatever was broken

he'd invest in the arts and create an new economy out of roadies

you may say i'm a dreamer
but i'm not the only one
rock 'n' roll has lost it's footing
we need a man in beatle boots
to give things a swift kick up the arse
and punt away the dogma and rhetoric of egotistical politicians

bono knows ego
ego is go
people with ego do things
we've come to think associate ego as a negative trait
but i say the world is built on ego
that floats right alongside dreams and ability
throw in some heavy music
and you can save the world

september 10, 2012
red wine and improvised pasta

ps: classic albums live performs the joshua tree in florida this coming weekend

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