Thursday, 27 September 2012

CAL Q Massey Hall and the Stones

just back from a heavy meeting down at Q107 headquarters
i really like dealing with all of these people
their mandate is to make sure that more people listen to classic rock

everyone i met with is a music lover
and they care deeply about what they get involved with
and everyone is getting involved with CAL

we're going to be building a circle
Q is going to be putting a CAL portal on their web site
and i'm going to provide exclusive content
cool stuff
like why exile on main street is an album that everyone should own
and some guitar and drum videos detailing what it takes
to play these songs properly

i've always been hesitant about social media
my knee jerk reaction has always been that nothing beats word of mouth
and while i still believe that
it's up to me to provide my info for folks to word of mouth with

massey hall has gotten behind CAL in a big way
they love the shows
and love the crowds
and mary is thinking forward and plugging us into Q's tentacles

Q107 is the greatest classic rock station in the world
meeting with them has always been comfy
they've been with us from the very start
10 years now
that's a relationship

and the stones
i'm hoping they return my calls
i'm hoping to help sell their new album for them
and rekindle a movement to make every music lover on the planet
and love
exile on main street

then the stones need to hire me as their music director
i'd be a taskmaster
and demand perfectly executed riffs
and vocal highs

but if that doesn't happen
there's our november 23 massey hall show
exile performed note for note - cut for cut

big things in the months to follow
optimism and hope spring eternal
once again i feel like things are just beginning

craig martin
september 27, 2012

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