Saturday, 24 October 2015

Mark Yannetta phones home

Classic Albums Live, 2015, OCT 17
Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced
Folsom, California
Toronto crew = Clifton and Mark Y.
Flight departed Toronto, arrived in San Francisco.
At Pearson airport it took almost 1.5 hrs from check-in to clearing customs.
This seems to becoming typical for US flights out of Pearson.
Arrived almost on schedule in San Francisco (10:30am-ish). Rental car was reserved by Tracy which was very important because there were people showing up with no reservation and no cars available.
Since we arrived the day before show, we took advantage of some San Fran sight-seeing. Awesome day !
Left San Fran about 5:30pm and arrived in Folsom about 8:30pm. There were some minor traffic delays and we stopped for a coffee.
Went to Hampton Inn in Folsom. Rooms are quite large and very comfortable. Would recommend same place in future.
Day of show lobby call was 1:30pm. The LA crew was also there at that time. All are very nice guys. Spent some time hugging and chatting.
LA crew = Blair-drums, Andrew-guitar, Matt-keys
Venue is less than 10 minutes from the hotel.
Arrived at venue just before 2pm. Met with Mary Carrera (booking/promoter) and got along very well.
Backline company arrived about 2:15-ish. Although they seemed to arrive a little late, they had things set up quickly and we were running sound check around 3pm-ish.
Sound check went pretty smoothly with John at FOH and Eduardo on monitors. I think Eduardo is also the stage manager.
Since sound check went fairly quickly, we were able to run through almost every song on the list. This helped us iron out a few bugs.
Afternoon snacks were available and dinner was provided at the venue.
Show time was 8pm. The band did a very good job and Clifton was awesome. There were some very minor imperfections but that’s gonna happen with 4 new guys. The audience seemed to really love the show and Mary was also very happy.
I didn’t get an official number from Mary, but she said we had most of the floor and first 2 rows of the balcony. My guess is it was about 600 people. See attached photos for venue.
Drove back to San Fran the next morning (3hrs) and flew back to Toronto. The drive from Folsom to San Fran was beautiful.
Me and Clifton would like to thank Tracy for sending us from Toronto to San Fran instead of the Buffalo to ????? to Sacramento.
Conclusion : Classic Albums Live put on a great show, the audience loved it, and me and Clifton had a lot of fun.

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