Monday, 12 September 2011

5 Albums You Didn't Know You Needed

let me save you some time
if you're like me
you turn on classic rock in the car
maybe the kids talk you into tuning in the hits station every now and them
and you catch yourself humming along to bit of fluff
or you're in traffic and everything sounds annoying so you listen to talk radio
where people talk about how annoyed they are

we all have our skin graph albums
the ones the inhabit us
but sometimes they sound tired
the next day they sound energized
but so much depends on your mood

so i've found 5 albums that you probably don't have
and you should buy these albums and play them
that way you won't be tempted to buy some of the quantized crap
they continually try to shove down our throats

so here's my list of 5 albums you didn't know you needed

1. james gang rides again
crazy ol' joe walsh has crafted a perfect album
released way back in the early 70s
this album sounds like a time when you listened to an entire record
i implore you not to press skip when playing this album
the record is a trip and needs to be taken seriously
you'll thank me next time you drive to california

2. neil young - freedom

maybe you've got an old friend
and he still thinks it's the old days
and dresses like it's the old days
and sometimes he doesn't shower
and he lights funny shaped cigarettes
and talks about left wing politics
and ends up crashing on your couch
this is the perfect album for such an occasion

3. rolling stones - the london years
i have it on vinyl (i have everything on vinyl)
it's a 4 album set
if you ever meet up with me
and want to hang out
you'll need to own this album
i judge people by whether or not they own this album
now you know
you're welcome

4. elton john - captain fantastic
the master at his best
this album is the 70s
tracks need to be listened to with the accompanying booklets
and you need to spread the poster out that comes with it
and disappear into imagery poetry and grooves
it's one of the few albums that sound good
in both daylight
and evening
you've already got all the elton greatest hits packages
maybe you're familiar with honky chateau
this one will complete your eltonness

5. paul mcCartney - ram
his best album
better than band on the run
raw and cool to touch
my buddy rob and i bought farms and raised goats after listening to this album
linda is a big part of the mcCartney post beatles sound
she's amazing on this record
i spent the summer with my kids singing "hands across the water"
we should all email paul and tell him to play more songs from this album live
i tried
but he's still mad about me about the goat thing

so there you have it
i generally don't like lists
but i'm in a numbers mood
and besides
what's better than sharing music with friends?

love to all

september 12, 2011
corona and almonds


  1. 1. At the Fillmore: The Allman Brothers Band
    2. Who's Next
    3. Dark Side of the Moon
    4. Let it Bleed: The Rolling Stones
    5. Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs; Derek and the Dominoes.

  2. Jyes! Jyes indeed! I have all these albums! But these are albums that everyone knows they need. They're like picking up milk and bread at the store. They're staples. My list refers to pesto and imported goat cheese.

  3. Ram and McCartney are still my guilty please and remember fondly listing to them on 8-track! You were right on the mark!