Wednesday, 7 September 2011


ac/dc got it right
not once
but twice

the bon scott years were like our naughty cousins coming over to visit
there was a strong chance that something was going to get broken
the band sounded like they could fight their way out of a title match
being from australia
they were left alone to define themselves without a care for the rest of the globe

i knew a cat - earl johnson - used to play with moxy
i worked with him for a while selling stereos
i was nineteen
he told me stories about being on the road with them
getting into a fight with bon
stuff like that
i loved it
remember at the time it was
soft rock
new wave
punk was still gasping
and everyone started to get bad hair cuts
but ac/dc gave us a pure shot of rock n' roll
at a very needed time

then bon died
and we heard nothing about them

then all of a sudden back in black comes out
and they've got a new singer
and some guy named mutt is producing them
and holy smokes does this band rock
and then it was everywhere

who does that?
i can't think of anyone
people counter with van halen
but i never bought a single record with sammy hagar
genesis maybe
but phil collins was already in the band so that doesn't count

no other superstar band switches up singers
and blazes a new trail
it just doesn't happen

ac/dc is harder to play than you think
their changes are smart
and the guitar tones are cleaner than you think
all the bar bands i see on line do it wrong
both bon and brian sing with a lot of melody

kids like it
and that's always a good sign
sure kids like jay z and all that stuff
but once you accept ac/dc as a part of your rock n' roll heart
you're a lifer

there's something honest in their music
i'm always surprised that more christian groups don't picket them more
there's a ton of hell references
but common sense prevails
the lads shone a spot light on hell
and made it seem
kinda thematic
it's more like a disney ride
than a certainty

i'm a folkie at heart
i like the poets
and the troubadours
most of all i like real things

ac/dc drive the train
and they never go off track

september 8, 2011

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