Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Book is Dead, Long Live the Blog

well i scrapped writing a book
it was just too expensive
and i doubt that anyone would have bought it
once i started writing with proper grammar and punctuation
all the vibe evaporated

i had such high hopes for it
but i don't think the story is good enough to merit a book
it was the egotist inside me that spurned me on
my bastard id

alex has a theory that the world is divided into two types of people
fuck faces
and loomers
loomers just go with the flow
fuck faces try to control the flow
i asked her which one i was
and without missing a beat
she called me a fuck face
i'm okay with that

the book was becoming a burden
i started to force chapters
and it read accordingly
so i failed
my fault was announcing it
i should have just kept my mouth shut
but i'm not very good at that

i try to remain a creative person
our lines within CAL are so rigid
there's no way to colour outside of them
so i lock myself in my house
write songs
build lego with jack
debate with luke
cook with shari
it's important for people to spray paint different parts of their psyche
what's not important is telling everyone about it
some things are like poetry
i believe that poetry should never be shared in public

being a fuck face is hard work
the loomers have it made
they just blink at you while your attempting to hit a curve ball
babe ruth struck out 1360 times in his career
i've had a long list of strike outs in my life
a long list

i plan on blitzing a ton of book stuff on the blog over the next few months
it's free
but you should consider donating some money to charity
the plan was to sell enough copies
cover the expenses
and then donate all the profit to breast cancer research

i'm going to do just that
i'm going to donate the money that i think i would have raised
(this could be tense - because being a fuck face and an egotist i imagine that the book would have sold millions and that i'd lunch with oprah)
my ex battled with breast cancer
i'm going to donate in her name

the book is dead
long live the blog
the battle was futile
but the aim was true

december 6, 2011
toast and grapefruit juice

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