Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy 1972!

listen man
last year was a downer
it totally bummed me out
like - the shows were cool
there was some heavy moments
last waltz
dark side of the moon man
i mean this stuff blew my mind man

but then i'd come home and turn on the tv
and it was debbie downer time
it was occupy this
and crash that
and then there were all those old cats in suits talking about money
and arguing
and then all this stuff about gas and oil
and i just got the feeling that i was hustled
and not hustled in a funky get your freak on way
but in a way that i'd never understand
and at the end of it i was mixed up
and just wanted to hear some music

1972 has got to be about the music man
we've got to get back to the garden man
we've got to love one and other right now

i think 1972 is going to tap into our collective consciousness
and everyone's gonna get together and do what's right
and that involves us going more concerts man
because concerts unite us
tv man
that's a box of hypocrisy
the real people are on the streets man
going to concerts and getting their minds blown man

i can dig all the messages everyone is sending everyone
but you can't believe everything you read
big brother is watching man
he's seeing everything and collecting information man
in 1972 we've got to be careful
and go to more concerts man
that's the secret

so like wow man
i can't wait for midnight
i'm already feeling groovier

happy new year

dec 31, 2011
doobie brothers man

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