Monday, 12 December 2011

Will Hare CAL Keyboardist Interview

i love will
he loves music and works very well with others
i'm always reviewing his sounds and he's always graceful about making changes
he sets a standard for keeping cool
i want him to grow his hair and grow a beard and develop a drug problem
but he plays it straight and takes my ribbing in good stride
because like all good keyboard players - he arrives preprogrammed
when will's on the show you can expect perfection
he's a good man
and becoming a good friend to many of us

here's an interview i did with him

What has CAL taught you?
For me CAL hasn't exactly taught me a lot of things so much as confirmed my beliefs about how one should conduct themselves as a musician.  It's proven to me that a high standard of musicianship has it's place and has it's rewards.   It has confirmed my beliefs about the value of teamwork - Never before have I dealt with companies of 10, 11 or 12 people.   I've always believed it crucially important that you get along with your bandmates and my experiences in CAL have demonstrated that.   So rather than teaching me something, CAL has shown me that I`ve learned my lessons well in the past.

Is there anything you can't do with your instrument?
I am not a strong soloist.  I have my days where I catch a magnificent wave and I don`t even understand how I`m playing what I`m playing but I can`t do that reliably.  Other than that, my instruments are my tools and serve me well.

Three Albums?
Fragile - Yes
Days of Future Passed - The Moody Blues
Tarkus - Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Beatles or Stones?

What has been your biggest musical challenge?
Maintaining a high level of musicianship - At a certain point it is no longer like riding a bike.   A high level has to be nurtured.   Playing songs like "Rudy", "Foreplay/Longtime" and most of Machine Head do not come easily - One just has to decide that they are going to play them and do the work required to accomplish this and ignore whether you think you can or not.  This takes a lot of time and commitment - That has been the challenge.

Monty Python or Spinal Tap?
Tough one...   Monty Python (but just barely)

What is the philosophy of your playing?
Assume you can play it.  If a song seems too difficult for you, believe that you just haven't seen the simplicity of it and continue to look for it.   Every difficult song will eventually cave into your persistence and hard work.   Ultimately, we're only as good as what we attempt to play.

Favourite album to perform?
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd.   Absolutely magical.

Favourite road story?
More a sound check story - Really when Clifton David starting picking up the local radio station through his fuzz pedal when we were in Moncton.  Fortunately this was captured on video.  A true Spinal Tap moment.

Favourite venue?
You'd think it'd be Massey Hall and it's close but the New Jersey Centre for the Performing Arts has a real power to it.   It's probably impossible to play badly there.

Where do you keep your passport?
On my dresser at home but in an inside pocket when I'm travelling.

What's it like working with Craig?
Let him take the reins - That's what you do.  I'm not a showman - Craig is and you have to understand that.  Learned that during the Lennon Christmas tour last year (2009) - First show was a little flat but Craig moved in, took the stage and the shows had a centre - a focus to them.   Things improved.   You then learn to trust that presence.

When did you first hear about CAL?
On Q107 - In fact I called in and won tickets on "Riffer Madness" to the Sgt. Pepper Show at the Carlu theatre.   I think that was 2005...

When are you the happiest?
During sex - Won't lie to you.

Springsteen or Springsteen?
What was the middle thing?

What do you hear in your playing that mirrors your life?
I'm pretty low-key - Not a loud, frenetic or agressive person - and I play the same way - I'm happier playing "Great Gig in the Sky" or "Shine on You Crazy Diamond - Part ix" or "Meeting Across the River" - That's more my speed. 

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