Monday, 28 March 2011

Border Song

the borders are toughening up
we have all of our paperwork in order
but we sense a changing of the guard
and we want to make sure that we're well within the rules

it's cool to say that you don't need rules
or can bend the rules
i've found this not to be true
my rock n' roll heart wants to question authority
but there's common sense at play here

i saw an old movie from the 70s
and everyone was going through security at the airport
just like we are now
they were taking off metal things
and walking through a screen
i always thought that this was a post 9/11 mindset
but it's always been in play

i love america
my father loved america
he had a little pin of both the canadian and american flags he used to wear
funny how those tiny things carry over

we like working with american musicians
it's fun when a newbie shows up for his first rehearsal
we usually hand their ass to them in a sling
then by second rehearsal they're standing to attention and hitting it

borders disappear
connections are forever

unite the nations
play some rock n' roll


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