Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Entrepreneur of the Year Update

the entrepreneur of the year application is done
i honed it to balance nicely between artsy fartsy and business
i wrote in the style i'm known for
no capital letters
no punctuation
my buddy des calls it pompous!
i just call it lazy
i'm okay with that

i tried to invite all the judges to the massey hall zep 4 show
but this is not doable
it's just not protocol
i just wanted them to see and hear exactly what the series is about
i figured that when steamwhistle was in the running they sent along a few cases and pints
it didn't fly

next i'm trying to get a CAL band to perform at one of the awards shows
this idea seems to have some legs
it would be cool to have the dark side band set up
and play the album as part of the evenings entertainment
"hi everyone! listen to this!"
that would be heavy
and surely get our message across
i'll keep you posted on how far this idea goes
it's all so exciting

i push
i don't think there's anything wrong with wanting more
it's selfless in some ways
and zen
i just want to sell more tickets so i can employ more musicians
this is the new mantra
i'm okay with that too

march 30, 2011
bubblemint gum at pearson

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