Monday, 28 March 2011

Entrepreneur Of The Year Nomination

i've been nominated for entrepreneur of the year
a great honour
and now i swim with sharks

business is important
and i've tried to stay creative and flexy with my business
the shows allow for zero creativity
consequently i like to colour outside the lines
in all the other aspects of my life

i was unsure about jumping in the shark tank
but christopher from ernst and young contacted me
and we met over lunch
we talked music - which put me right at ease
and then he went over the process of the entrepreneur competition
i liked christopher
and i trusted him
and after a chat about deep purple
i decided that i would move ahead with the process

it turns out that i don't make anywhere near the money
that the other sharks make
i mean we're talking about companies like
cirque de soleil
steamwhistle breweries
hakim optical
i'm just a baby shark
but i know i got the best story
and that makes it worth swimming for

i employ dozens of musicians
that's the story
that's the blood in the tank
and that's how i'm going to surf within the competition
always bringing the story back to the musicians and the music
if there's a chance to get a CAL band to perform at a ceremony
i'm going to tear into it
and shed my baby teeth

being a media maven
i'm going to start putting the entrepreneur of the year process out there
and document my experience
i don't expect to win
nor do i really expect to make it to the finals
but i do want to get the CAL story out there
and then i want more people to come the shows
which will allow me to employ more musicians

just to be nominated
this is a true honour
and i sincerely share this with every musician that i've worked with
and every fan that sat and listened to us

2nd coffee in and organic ginger snaps
march 28, 2011

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