Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Centre For The Arts

The Centre For the Arts

when we first started performing in theatres
i was a fish out of water
no booze
no smoking
no talking
no being late
it was a left turn for us
on both how to behave
and how to execute the shows

the centre for the arts at brock university was my schooling
first time into the theatre we were both excited and intimidated by the seating
don't forget our main gig at that time was the phoenix
where people stood and drank and watched us on a stage 5 feet off the ground
now here we were with a wall of people all seated ascending directly in front of us
i loved it
it was here that the series began to shine

the staff there
sensing our theatre inexperience took us under their wing
taught about the call times
the etiquette of theatre
and the importance of being professional
for this i can't thank them enough

since then
we've put on countless shows
all of them stellar
the theatre forces the best from you
it's comfortable for us to return there

this thursday we return with houses of the holy
if you're a zep fan
then this is an important album for you

if you haven't been to the theatre
or live close and have always wavered on going
then this is a prime chance
there's still a few tickets left
and the experience of CAL in this theatre is unique and compelling
like i've said dozens of times before
i have the best zep band in world

craig martin
march 22, 2011
coffee in the paquin offices

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