Thursday, 7 April 2011

Classic Rock and Kids

time is tight these days
there's a lot going on
the series is taking off in ways i always dreamed about
like most people my age
i find that i like being counted on
and i like getting pulled in different directions
a father
a son
a partner
a friend
a businessman
a musician
an ex husband
a spokesperson
i like everyone of these roles
it keeps me busy
i call it the totem pole
keep the totem pole strong
put yourself last
strive to make everyone happy on top of you
one unhappy link in totem pole can affect a lot of things
and the last thing i want is the totem pole swaying in the breeze
there's high water over there
time to dig in

of course it's all about the kids
that's the true test of being a man
taking care of the spawn
(no matter how evil)
my kids have been raised in backstages and theatres
not entirely
but it was funny at the njpac show when luke turned to me and asked
'what time are doors?'

i have a cool job
but to my boys
it's just dad's job
and they're as into it as i was into my fathers job (insurance and later advertising)
they've grown up with a consistent classic rock soundtrack
i try to expose them to other things
but it's led zeppelin 2 we had playing during dinner the other night

my oldest son - luke - is 12
ac/dc rules supreme with him
and aerosmith (we love guitar hero)
and in the true tradition of pissing your parents off with music
he digs hip hop
we listen to eminem every now and again
i like it at the time but forget it as soon as the song is over

my youngest song - jackson - is 7
and it's all about the energy
the top 40 stuff
lady gaga
and rhianna
it's fun
but i can calm him with 'puff the magic dragon'
and bob dylan's 'working man blues'
and he plays drums along to 'whole lotta love'

we made a funny video
i watch this on the road all the time
it connects me while i'm away

at the schools i see a ton of rock t shirts on the kids
this makes me happy
both for the future of the series
and the future of classic rock
when i was young
it was AM radio
1050 chum here in toronto
i knew every song and chart position
all i did was stalk the radio
waiting for elton john or alice cooper to come on
the kids get what they want
when they want it
the immediacy of it is incredible
and the disposability of it is sobering

i'd love to hear from everyone about their kids and what they're into
what's cool
what's past
and where music is going with them
are we instilling a love for classic rock into them?
or are we burning them out at too young an age?
perhaps 'satisfaction' will be regarded as 'my way'
oldies music
or perhaps they'll pull out your copy of houses of the holy one day
and lock themselves in their room
and wail it over and over again

i hope so

april 7, 2011
toothpaste and orange juice


  1. I put 40 + old CD's of mine I don't use into my sons room and sometimes I will hear something blasting out like KISS ALIVE... he skipped over BETH and wanted another Rocker..... last time he chose a CD it was a Black Crowes and he says''' I kinda like this Dad...." and he will ask about them.. I tell him who it is, show him 2 set lists and a ticket stub I have and COOL.... he's turning 7 this June and really open to whatever is played around him. I am thinking about taking him to the U2 show in July.

  2. cool
    kiss alive was all of 1975 for me

  3. As much as I wanted my son to embrace classic rock I didn't want to influence him in any way as he discovered his tastes. I thought if I let on how much I love the music, nature would cause him to hate it out of generational rebellion. He's turning 15 in a few days and has found his own way as a rocker (phew) Loves Ozzy and Sabbath, Slash and G 'n R, Avenged Sevenfold, Santana, Clapton, etc. and since age 12 has owned a Les Paul and plays quite well. The good thing about the pop culture dark age in which we live is that, while most of the material on the charts (and piped into the malls) is vapid, kids can freely explore their own tastes online. My son and his friends have found some brilliant, organic, young rock artists thru youtube.

  4. And an article about this topic in today's Metro by Alan Cross: "where we once had a thousand bands with a million fans each, we now have a million bands with a thousand fans each."