Friday, 1 April 2011

The Woodstock Show

how do you do a woodstock show?
there are many different things to consider
there are 2 movie versions
3 album versions
3 cd versions
acts that were in the movie that weren't on the album
acts that were on the album that weren't in the movie
acts that were on stage that weren't in the movie or on the album
and 20 minutes of joan baez

quite a quandary
3 days of chaos into one evening's worth of music
and the acid i dropped wasn't making things any easier

i decided to rewrite history
it started with the brown acid
i mean brown m + ms
the ones van halen threw out
then i got down to it
and began bastardizing one of the most significant events of the 60s

the csny set was pitchy and a bit ragged
the tuning was off and the band felt tentative
i decided to go back to the original album versions of the songs
that was the turning point
from then on - while putting the show together
if i felt myself wincing or turning my head slightly like dogs do with whistles
then i went back to the original version of the song

some songs i kept as live versions
and i kept all the announcements
and yes - we have helicopters - very expensive
they're not without problems
one of the rotors came loose and severed one of marty morin's road stories

far be it for me to diss anyone from the 60s
it was so much peace and love
and there was barely any dissing at all
(a lot of 60s hip hop records sound diss free)
but when it came to joan baez
i had to make the call
and i pulled all of her songs from the show
let's face it
not everything about the 60s was great
the internet was painfully slow
and joan baez kinda shrunk parts of my anatomy whenever she sang

the woodstock show is a trip
it's longer than our regular shows
and trippier
and funner too
we're putting it into ontario in the new season
i hope everyone enjoys the trip so much
that they find their way home safely

craig martin
an april fool
champagne and strawberries


  1. Hope we get to see this show at Massey Hall!

  2. Great Woodstock show Craig. These guys really rock and it is so much fun to hear all the music live and played by such talented musicians. Please remember to introduce the musicians, they deserve the recognition and applause. Some album ideas for future shows; CSN&Y - Deja Vu, The Who - Meaty, Beaty Big & Bouncy, The Kinks - Greatest Hits, The Allman Brothers - Live at the Filmore East, Jethro Tull - Benefit, Lynyrd Skynyrd - Pronounced, Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks. Would love to see Sgt. Pepper again. Keep up the great work and please bring more shows to Hard Rock Orlando. Thanks to all.