Friday, 15 April 2011

A Conversation with Dom Polito

Dom:  How many guitars can I bring to Massey Hall?

Craig: How many guitars do you have?

Dom: I have 40 guitars.

Craig: Okay.

Dom: What, bring all 40 guitars?

Craig: Okay.

Dom: They won't fit in my car.

Craig: Then bring what you need.

Dom: 2 acoustics, 5 electrics and 2 double necks?

Craig: Okay.

Dom: How many amps should I bring?

Craig: How many can you transport?

Dom: There's a hole in my bucket!

april 15, 2011
gurgley from too much coffee

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  1. Led Zeppelin IV at Massey Hall blew my mind! What a fantastic performance. Thank you!