Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I Love Johnnie B

bass players get the least amount of attention
guitar players flash
drums incite
keyboards connect
and singers rivet

but bass players fly close to the stage
leaving the heights of the theatres for the peacocks up front

i've been playing with johnnie B for close to 30 years
when i first started the series - he was one of the first calls
in fact - i remember telling him about the idea before anyone else

i've got a great chapter in the book about B
so i don't want to spoil it
but right now
he just drove our gear from toronto to sydney
by himself
in a van
that's something that only a handful of people can do
and when you do it without complaint
in fact when you do it with joy
that's character

he's a big man
don't ever shake his hand
he'll crush it
i believe that story about dom's fingers and the machine press is a lie
i think B snapped them off with a handshake
(there's a great jim belushi story about this in the book too)

he's one of the best bass players i've ever heard
he doesn't chart his music
there are no notes
he studies that album and it grafts to his fingers
he's always pointing out little flourishes that hide underneath the peacock calls

sometimes i'm overwhelmed by his playing
you see
he was a hair rocker back in the day
the peacock of bass players
girls were wild for him
his peacockedness out shined his playing
CAL changed all that
again - more in the book about that

i just wanted to tell the B that we love him
and we appreciate him
he gets back from the east coast
and immediately flies to the west coast
i'm glad that margaret is not only cool with this
but supportive
because this lifestyle is not for everyone

safe travels B
you are and always have been the righteous brother

april 5
really expensive home made coffee and cheap cookies

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  1. Man that is so nice of you,,You are my brother from another mother !! I'm so stocked for the upcomming shows...Just was listening to Appetite for Destruction & boy do I miss having that sound..A gnarley deep rich tone with just enough top end to handle the high notes without sounding offensive...Duff Rocks !! So many good times from that era... I love all my brothers & sisters in CAL...Tomorrow I rock but tonight we dance !!!