Monday, 3 October 2011


not sure what's going to happen with new artists
i'm pretty sure that if you set out to get rich you're going to fail
i think it's more about being driven
needing to do something

my friends and CAL alumni have a prog band called druckfarben
they made a cd
this is ancient thinking
but prog in an ancient art form
started by the druids i think
they pooled their money and made a cd

prog is complicated involved sometimes maddening music
i'm a rocker
i like it four on the four
at heart i'm a folkie
so making the leap to prog involves new shoes and new ears

so i laced up and i think we have a winner
the music is full of chops and riffs
and the production is clean and crisp

druckfarben sounds like nothing else out there today
so what compels these middle aged men
to get together and make music like this?
there's no big answer
it's what they do
it's like going to hockey practice
or having a stamp collection
it's for the enjoyment
and for them
it just needs to be done
and the boys in druckfarben got it right

in listening i'm astounded at how much work went into the disc
we're talking lots of hours
some of them have kids
i don't know where they found the time
the results are stellar

i think it's admirable that they do a prog jam
and people come and play
musicians who have no other venue to play prog music at
druckfarben affords them an audience and gear
it makes me want to run for public office and issue them tax credits

making a cd makes no sense to me
it's a sinking ship with all the money getting wet and too slippery to hang onto
i would have put the dough into touring
but they have a plan
and i support them whole heartedly
they'll always have this record to be proud of
that's a currency onto itself

go to their site
and support them

it's an honour to work alongside them in CAL

october 4, 2011
beer and olives

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