Thursday, 6 October 2011

Willie Nelson for President

i'd vote for him
so would bob dylan
and that's good enough for me

ol' willy just seems like the type of guy to get things done
problem at the UN?
he'd phone Kris
Kris would say 'what would johnny do?'
and it'd all be taken care of

willie's also got some unique first hand experience with taxes
chances are he'd know exactly how much people can afford to pay
the irs came at him hard and yet he's still standing
still riding in a nice bus
still eating well
still likes to walk on the grass
who better to explain america's tax laws to the public?

he'd be good at raising money
broken bridge in pittsburgh?
'get the bus boys - we're doing a charity show in pittsburgh'
farmer's crops wiped out in boise?
'get john mellancamp on the phone!'
he'd have things fixed up right away
communities would come together
and stuff would get done

he'd weed his way through some of the more archaic laws
again - he's had first hand experience with law enforcement
and police have had hands on experience with him
i can't think of a better way to gain insight with regard to law enforcement

and think of all those tiny fires he's lit his entire life
hand held fires
surely that's got to count for something when dealing with firefighters

and healthcare?
he's old now - no disrespect
he's in great health
he could probably put together a guideline
that details how to get old - live healthy - have fun - and make a little money in the process!
my kind of guy!

the last time i saw willie perform was at the mohegan sun
we were sitting kind of side stage
and could see backstage
with everyone mulling around and tuning up and stuff
the announcer comes out and introduces him
the crowd starts to cheer
and we cheer for a few minutes
but no willie
finally he and his band make their way to the stage
but do they launch into a song?
willie just goes back and forth on the stage waving to people
and we're all so glad to see him
that we're cheering even louder now
it was presidential

i put a call into willie's head office
said that i'd love to help handle his campaign
they told me it all sounded good
but they had no idea where he was
it turns out that somebody shot out the gps system on his bus
and willie's just cruising around america
going from town to town
playing music with his friends

that's the kind of guy i'd vote for

october 5, 2011
coca cola and dark chocolate

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