Sunday, 16 October 2011

Let it Bleed

what a mess
we were supposed to be playing let it be this saturday in port hope
but instead we signed on for let it bleed
a mess
we have the let it be show all shiny and cemented
and the let it bleed show is a rag tag collective of old friends
with yours truly in the bullseye

we're having a blast getting the album together
any chance to stand in front of doug inglis
and beside des pup and mark's guitar onslaught is a truly joyous occasion
and i love the stones
let it bleed is a perfect album
i put monkey man on for my boys today
and they were freaked out
they connected

we've had some cats play with us in the past
who just can't play the stones
sure they got it charted out and understand where all the notes go
but you gotta have done hard time for either drug possession or murder
in order to properly play the stones
luckily we've all been arrested several times for a series of crimes
des' offences were mostly due to overdue library books
and doug inglis once shot a man in boise
just to watch him dance
i've escaped from maximum security prisons so many times i've lost count
this kind of bravado makes us all perfect for the let it bleed album

the stones themselves are imploding
there's been a lot of bad blood running through their party lines
i've said it before
they need to hire me
i'd whip them into shape
tell them to stop leaping about
stop pandering to a crowd that's seen it all before
just sit on a couple stools
and give me a knees weak version of love in vain
dig deep and connect us
we all know you're flashy peacocks
and always will be
but your souls are in the mississippi mud

i doubt we'll ever get the performance from them that we need
if they do decide to tour
it'll be big and flashy and there will be lots of leaping about
underneath a canopy of electronic steroids
and we'll hear all the hits
the same ones they've been hawking since they founded rock n' roll

which is fine

but if you need a reminder of how great the stones were
then you need to see our show in port hope ontario this saturday
we carry the torch and bleed it all over you
we'll give you the knees weak version of love in vain
or the madness of a monkey
the honk of some country
we'll give you what you want
we'll give you shelter

october 17, 2011

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