Wednesday, 12 October 2011


the shot of him on the gurney in the hospital
that shook me

fuckin' drug addicts
america's two biggest icons
elvis and mj
both died as drug addicts
how do you come to make sense of something like that?
the only logic that seems to rattle
is that living a sense of entitlement
will ultimately lead to a pathetic conclusion

they should have stayed performing
on stage where they belong
that's where the heart is
under the lights
look at elton
and a ton of the old rock school
still on the road
still getting learned
the time off should only be used to prep for another tour
i'm not saying a continuous run of years of dates after dates
but a healthy work ethic coupled with live interaction
that's the secret
you wanna dance?
that's the path to sustainability
without it
you alone
surrounded by a round of hired guns
all paid to continually blow sunshine up your wazzo
reality becomes a shrinking balloon

when we first tackled the thriller album
i had it on the car
immediately my boys reacted
who's this?
and the little one repeated his name like it was in direct relation to santa claus
we played it for the neighbours kids
they reacted immediately as well
and soon enough we were having poolside michael jackson dance parties
with all the kids
that's cause and effect

i beam into the ongoing trial from time to time
i could really care less
he's gone
everyone's accountable
you pander that much and fear overtakes common sense
you get to a point in your life where sticking a needle in your arm becomes routine
then it's tick tock my friend
you don't stop till you get enough
and there's a bad moon on the rise

last night we started re rehearsing thriller
the band was perfect from the drop
the groove was so big you could camp in it
and it was fun
fun music
remember that?
mj knew how to put a song together
him and q were the masters of pop
thriller thrills
it's a perfect record
and that's why it sold more than anything else

the king is dead
long live the king
whoever that may be
i wouldn't wish it on anyone

october 12, 2011
tea and milk chocolate

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